Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our girls

I'm sorry but I have all but ignored my blog here lately since I created a Facebook page. I know that everyone doesn't have a Facebook page so I figured I'd update today while it is super slow here at work. I don't think there's a whole lot going on news wise other than we both have a job which is good. No Abby's still not walking but man she seems close, wait didn't I say that in my last Blog in December? Makayla is becoming quite the little character and very animated. Her thing lately is asking if it's okay to say certain words some good and some thanks to her Mimi bad. Is it okay to say "gosh"? Yes. Is it okay to say "maaaan"? Yes. Is it okay to say "damn it"? No. Sorry Kathy I can't blame you as your daughter has quite the potty mouth herself and me well I'm a saint and never cuss.
As most of you know Gina went to Texas to visit her good friend April so I got to play single dad for a few days. I tell you we had a lot of fun together and they were so good which made it hard to go back to work on Monday because I just wanted to stay home with the girls. So I came up with a plan to quit my job at Apache and get a night job so I can stay home with them.
I only have a few new pictures so I'll have to start taking more so I can post them.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well I don't think I have much going on to talk about so I'll post a few pictures of Abby. She loves when I take pictures of her and always lays on the cheese. No matter what she's doing she'll stop and do pose after pose when that camera comes out. So here's the cheese!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Just a little slow

Sorry I'm a little slow on the Halloween post and I don't know how much I'm gonna be able to tell you since I was not there this year. Gina and the girls go to Erin's house in Friend, NE to do their Trick-or-Treating which Makayla just loves because she gets to hang out with Luke and Conner. Abby on the other hand mostly just went for the ride. Makayla was dressed up as a Unicorn but to her she was a cowboy no not a cowgirl as I tried to tell her but a cowboy with the cowboy hat and all. Abby was a cute little leopard or a cat of some sort not that she cared what she was.
I stayed home and handed out treats to our neighbor kids which was very few. I think at the most we had 6-7 groups of kids come to the door and by 8:00 teenagers started to come not even dressed up so it was time to close down. I think I still have 5 or 6 bags of candy left over "yea me" and I didn't even have to dress up or nothing.
I also posted a couple of pictures of Makayla cleaning out a pumpkin and all the pumpkins we did over like a week. Makayla had a great time playing in all the pumpkin goo when I got done cleaning them out. She would sit there for over an hour with her hands in a big bowl of the pumpkin guts. Oh so much fun and now we have to wait another year to play with pumpkins, Makayla will be sad NOT she's already talking about Christmas! Makayla had a fever yesterday so I stayed home with her and I swear every toy commercial she'd ask if she could have that for Christmas. What is it with kids? Makayla has never asked for anything then all the sudden she wants everything. Do they hit a certain age and boom "I want this and I want that". Man how did Mom & Dad do it with seven of us? Anyways...

Monday, October 20, 2008

2008 Vala's Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday was our annual visit to Vala's Pumpkin Patch. This year we had two more to go with us, our good friend Steph and of course Abby. Last year Abby had to sit out our trip being only about two months old. The day was absolutely prefect with the weather being so beautiful. It was so busy yesterday that it took us over an hour just to park the car but that too was fun and was just part of the experience. We spent a lot of time standing in lines but actually saw a ton more than we have any other year. Makayla as you can tell from the picture got her face painted- it's a pumpkin if you couldn't tell. We waited for over an hour just for that but it was well worth it when she was done because she was so excited and proud. Abby on the other hand was not so excited about Makayla's face, it just plain freaked her out. Every time Makayla would look at her Abby would stick out her bottom lip and start to ball.
There is nothing better in life then when you take your kids on these fun little outings. To see their faces and how even the small things in life can make them so happy. After we were done picking out our pumpkins we packed everything up and got the kids in the car. Abby was asleep before we even left the parking lot and Makayla was close after. Like Gina said "you know the girls had fun when they're both asleep within five minutes". When we got home we were making dinner and Makayla walked up to me with a wipe as dirty as can be. I asked her what she was doing and she said the paint was making Abby cry and she wanted to clean it off so it wouldn't scare her anymore. I thought that was so unselfish of her because she was so excited about having it done. I didn't think we would ever get her to wash her face but Makayla loves her little sister and use to her laughing with her not crying at her. Makayla is such a sweet girl when it comes to her Abbs.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Abby's First Birthday Party!

Well another great day at the Kuchta house. Yesterday we celebrated Abby's first birthday with family and friends. Abby's birthday was on August 29th but last week Gina's cousin Lauren got married on that very same day. So we were busy with all the hoopla that goes along with a wedding and thought postponing the party a week was a good idea. The party turned out great and always a lot of fun when you get everyone together. I love to watch the smaller kids play together and they all seem to have such great friendships.
Abby always enjoys commotion so she had to love yesterday. You may not have noticed by looking at her because she's so laid back but her eyes were wide and always had a smile on. I swear that girl is gonna talk complete sentences before she can walk. She has no problem with us doing everything for her she won't even hold her own bottle. Lazy!
Another great thing about throwing a party is that our house gets a good cleaning and it needed it. I swear not even an hour after our house looked like a disaster again. Gina and I started going through the girls clothes and it was all over the living room. Oh well Makayla's birthday is in seven months so we'll have time to tidy up then! Until then FUN...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Newest member of the family

We have gone from five to six in our family. We adopted a little cat yesterday and she is as calm as they come. She was hanging out at Apache last week and I became fairly attached to her. A guy I work with volunteers at The Cat House so he took her home. The next day went and got her spayed and caught up on all shots and took her back home to recover. Tuesday Gina, the girls and I went over to see her and Gina & Makayla fell in love, but couldn't take her home that night because she needed another day to recover. So yesterday was the day and Makayla was quite surprised when I got home with her new kitty. She was named Missy by the guy I work with so we decided to keep that name as she responds to it. She is skinny right now but we'll get her plump in no time. Tell you more later! Gotta go...

Thursday, April 17, 2008


  • I first want to thank everyone for making Makayla's birthday party so special. She loved that everyone came to her house to see her. Sunday night at about 10:30 she started singing happy birthday to herself. Her version of happy birthday is pretty funny, she starts with happy birthday but then somehow transitions into twinkle, twinkle little star into the ABC's.

  • Now that the weather has gotten to be a bit better Makayla and I have been spending a couple hours in the evening each day outside trying to learn how to ride her bike. She didn't quite understand that you have to pedal to get the bike to move but is learning quickly. She has also been helping me in the garden. She will dig holes looking for worms and when she finds one she'll play with it for a minute then tell me the worm is sleeping now. In other words she killed it!

  • As for Abby she is teething pretty good now. She has her bottom two teeth and one of her top ones is about to pop so she drooling like crazy. Still not crawling yet but very close. She'll get up on all fours and kinda rock back and forth then shoot forward.

  • You may all know but Gina has been offered a new position at LBL (Allstate) and will start this coming Monday. She has worked very hard for them and now is set to move even higher within the company. If you talk to her wish her good luck!

  • Nothing new for me I'm just boring...